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What is etro

ETRO is the epitome of Made in Italy, as well as an instantly recognisable style and a free way of thinking

Key concept


The textile culture, around which all the other activities revolve, is teamed with ongoing experimentation. Ambitious goals to be reached in symphony with our style. Each creation carries echoes of the past and leaves indelible marks on time; the contribution of everyone is at the basis of each work.


The ability to reconcile opposed extremisms in new harmonies, in the clothing as in the teamwork.


Our poetic vision of clothing reflects the optimism and allegro spirit of an independent family company, where the excellence of the products is synonymous with professionalism and dedication.


Alongside travel and Paisley is a continual inspirational force. Colour enhances your mood!

The lead players

  • Gimmo

    (Gerolamo), ETRO founder


    Head of Textiles, Home Collection and the Accessories Collection

  • Kean

    Man: Creative Director

  • Veronica

    Woman: Creative Director

  • … as well as the 800 valued employees
    that make up the ETRO team.

Apply for a Job

To apply for a job in any of our departmenrs - design, sales, communications, marketing, ... please write to and make sure to attach your resume and cover letter as PDF files.

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