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Bloomed waterfall, pink cloud that invades the flowerbed. Corbeille of flowers
and fruits at the window, crowns of pines, soft light of a new morning. A tangle of hands,
a look from under the pillow, we stay embraced in the bed, our secret garden.

26 profiles of scents with personality,
for you to read and review

A textile of words, a landscape of colours, a whisper of iconic style in each perfume.
Each essence evokes a new place, a new frame of mind, the rediscovery of forgotten myths and memories.
Sensations captured by both pen and brush: the dynamic elements of scent exist in a state of flux,
quickly transforming, evasive and elusive by definition. Each page, detailing olfactory notes and chemistry,
is a treasure trove of associations, words, colours,moments and memorable places.
Abandon convention, the challenge is rediscovery: the sensuality of a floral bouquet,
the nocturnal notes of wood and spice, and, above all, the unique nuances that speak to individual style.
This originality and unconventionality has characterised the entire etro perfume collection for a quarter of a century.

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