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Country: Austria

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It is one, of the most elegant location, in the heart of Brera, to host the Etro Home Boutique in Via Pontaccio. The three story store is set in a classic nineteenth-century building in Milan, in which modernity and tradition perfectly coexist, due to a well-balanced contrast of materials such as dark iron, transparent glass and Venetian terrazzo floors. During the renovation the original hallmarks of the building have been preserved, making appear the interior space as a studio-gallery, a spacious area connected by large arches and vaulted roofs barrel brick. The textile culture of the maison has deep roots, and this unique space stems from the desire to pay homage to the Home, Accessories and Fabrics Furniture collections. The iconic Paisley and Etro motifs appear and disappear from the surfaces of furniture, walls and accessories, in an alchemy of colours.

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