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Masato Shigemori


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Name: Masato Shigemori

Born in: Hiroshima, Japan

Based in: Kanagawa, Japan

Etro is…

‘New Tradition’ my works are made with the same feeling. Etro using Paisley helps to reconstruct an antique art form in a contemporary sense. In Japan, paisley is called ‘maga-tama’ and has been handed down since ancient times as a personal adornment. Its use remains a mystery. This is a mysterious and special shape as it is similar to one of the three Japanese imperial regalia.

Etro is Play… which elements do you like to play with in the creation of your works?

I usually play with antique motifs, I remove dust from the surface, infusing a contemporary touch.

Etro is Colour… if you could be any colour, which would you be and why?

Violet and light green. Violet because when the wavelength vibrations increase, violet arises. Light green because I like the brightness of the leaves of the trees and moss at the beginning of the summer season.

Etro is Travel… if you were to travel to any place real or imagined place in the world to spark new ideas for your art, where would you go?

I would go to Iceland to take a dip in the Blue Lagoon and to see the boreal sunrise ... to Tibet to talk about death with Buddhist monks ... to Turkey to savour the balance between Islamic and European culture ... to China to cross the lake Baofeng in Zhangjiajie's historic area and discover the origins of Asian art… and I would like to go back in time 1000 years to speak with my ancestors.

Etro is Nature… if you could be any animal, which would you be and why?

Once there were many wolves in Japan. In Japanese, wolves are called "oo-kami": "oo" means great, while "kami" means holy, noble or valorous. I would like to be an extinct animal to understand their perception of the future. We humans should try to be fully satisfied with ourselves and our lives. The more the economy gets richer, the more the soul becomes poorer.