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“Apartment 14” explores poetic, personal experiences, embodying the positivity and joie de vivre within the Etro Woman Spring Summer 14 collection. Paying homage to the traditional Lewis Caroll tale “Alice in Wonderland”, Valeria Bilello becomes the protagonist of a contemporary twist on New Tradition. The actress shares her thoughts in an exclusive interview for Alfabetro.

In this short film, your character, in many respects, mirrors that of Lewis Carrol’s “Alice”. Had you ever dreamed of becoming a fairy tale character when you were a child?

There were so many that I wouldn’t even know where to start, but the reasoning behind my dreams was always the same. Often the characters discover something magical, overcoming their fears and exploring worlds that go beyond the human imagination. Alice represents all of these things, so both my inner child tells me that it would have to be her.

In becoming the leading lady of Etro’s new fashion film, what was it like to interpret the brand and incorporate your own personal sense of style in to the story?

Etro’s strong sense of tradition has always fascinated me, respecting the past whilst maintaining a strong identity. This is something that really resonates with me: remembering your roots whilst continuing to grow isn’t always easy, but it is that balance that makes all the difference. When it’s all over, that’s what really matters for both designers and actors.

Professionally speaking, you are extremely versatile, from working with music in television, to cinema and fashion with ease. You also studied to be a director. Would you ever consider creating such a film yourself?

Knowing more things can only enhance your intuition. It speeds up your thinking in lots of working situations, especially in the creative sector. Directing and interpreting can become a little too ambitious, self-focused and sometimes a bit boring. But there are many cases that stories need to be told in a certain way. In this case, the author or director can’t help but communicate the emotions that they are longing to express. Miranda July is amazing at this. “Me and you and everyone we know” is one of my favourite films. I would like to write and interpret stories like this. Small but precious.