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Art of Paisley: India Calling

Chapter 5

In 1968, thanks also to The Beatles’ historic stay in India, Paisley was back in style as the symbol of psychedelic culture and the new wave of free thinking and spirituality inspired by Indian culture.

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The motif went perfectly with the very colorful universe of the late 1960s, and you could see it popping up everywhere.

Its expressive power is so great that even international celebrities in film, entertainment, and music have worn it over the years to reflect their own uniqueness, just like David Bowie in his music video I’m Afraid of Americans.

One of Etro’s great insights was that of attributing the cashmere design with a unisex connotation and understanding the motif’s decorative and communicative potential.

A game without pretences, and thanks to its innocent purity, a real winner.

This article is an excerpt from Etro’s monographic book.

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