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Art of Paisley: Paisley Collection

Chapter 6

The best creations are always born from passion. Paisley Arnica bags (named after a special Paisley motif chosen by Etro for this line) are the fruit of craftwork in which each and every aspect is cared for, down to the tiniest detail.

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The pattern is made with five colors: red, turquoise, yellow, green, and ivory. Different processes are used to treat the jacquard fabric, which is then covered with a resin that makes it resistant and durable - a perfect and modern alternative to traditional leather. The handles and finishings are all sewn by hand.

Each Arnica bag is numbered inside and unique in its kind, as the chromatic results of the reaction between the resin and the fabric colors being different each time: each bag is a one-of-a-kind piece.

Designed for chic, contemporary women, seeking for unique, luxury products, the Rainbow Colours Arnica Bag, from the AW1718 Collection is enriched by Etro’s bright complimentary colours: purple, orange, yellow and pink, a subtle homage to the brand.

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