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An imaginary journey: past and future

The first Etro’s monographic book, published by Rizzoli, is an imaginary journey to discover the origin of the brand and its future. It has to be seen as an ongoing adventure involving ideas, images, words and creations: a sum of interlaced insights. Etro developed totally independent language, style and way of thinking. Its creativity has roots in a real passion for history, art and different cultures. Edited by Renata Molho, the unchronological narration of the book explores a world constantly in balance between vision, poetry and pragmatism.

Travelling through the territories of Nature, Art, Journey, Play, Colour, New Tradition and Paisley you venture down an adventurous path of wonders.

Each of the seven chapters includes a selection of archival images related to the theme, as well as a conversation between a member of the Etro family and an illustrious friend.