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Metamorfosi: Enchanted Garden

An infusion of happiness

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Metamorfosi, just as life is ever-changing, in the same way a perfume is never equal to itself: on the magic keyboard of olfactory alchemy, the combined harmonies of a strong spice, a precious wood, a sweet, white corolla, a speck of resin, or a still-unripe leaf, all distilled into a drop of extract, can suggest an infinity of atmospheres, of recollections, of music, colours, and sensations.

Every perfume is already a combination of ingredients unto itself; these features that change according to the distinct pairing of Etro Fragrances, where two perfumes transform into a singular sensation that is both exclusive and personalised.

Enchanted Garden: A new and changing essence, made of the same material dreams are.

First a veil of Royal Pavillon to refine the perception, like a magic potion enclosed in an agate and crystal bottle, capable of opening hearts and minds to a new perspective. Upon this base a cloud of Etra is vaporised, transforming the skin into a fragrant and fertile “terrain”. Warmed by the body’s heat, little by little the scent begins to take on the consistency of a dress redolent of Mediterranean flowers, of bittersweet resins and woods, enveloping the body in the lushness of the wall of a vertical garden.

The result is a subtly pungent, eclectic, and unique bouquet, that draws attention with its dynamic effervescence.

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