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Enchanted Land

A white light that illuminates the night as if it were day.

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Changing shape, morphing into a different form, or a varied essence with each subtle shift. Both outer and inward journeys provoke this evolution of being, a metamorphosis of sorts. Etro’s line of twenty-eight natural fragrances contain virtually infinite nuances with the ability to truly adapt to the wearer. It is with the notion that symphony produced by the combination of two unique scents that a Metamorfosi is born.

Enchanted Land: A hymn to the spirit fusing with vital energy.

Metamorfosi describes the metamorphosis that comes from combining Sandalo and Shaal-Nur, for a perfume with a scintillating texture that recounts forays into unspoilt territories of the senses and of the soul. Coming together like two complementary orchestral scores, the mix’s individual essences are at their best when vaporized, one after the other, on skin that is still damp. Woody and herbaceous, Sandalo brightens the night of the heart. Fresh and fascinating, Shaal-Nur dissolves into a gentle cloud, in which the citrusy notes of fruit and intense with nuances of resins and spices fuse together.

Giving life to a nomadic, boundary-crossing fragrance that is as suitable for autumn as it is to all transitional seasons: the essential, fundamental milestones as we make our way through the Great Journey of life.

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