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Metamorfosi: Greenery Mood

The enchanted traveller

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Metamorphosis, to change shape. There is nothing is more contemporary than this dynamic concept; one that recounts journeys that ask us to overcome constructs of time and space in order to explore new and surprising paths. The voyage begins with several extraordinary scent pairings, as two Etro Fragrances become one.

The formula is simple: first, apply a few drops of Paisley, then wait for a few seconds, then walking into a generous cloud of Vicolo Fiori to create an aura of viriditas or all-over “greenness”.

Jewels that sprout from the tough bark of a tree’s branches, the purple bulbs pushed towards the sky by emerald stems, the new blades of grass that cover the dark earth, the clover and maidenhair fern that repopulate river banks after the equinox: it is a festival of nature, celebrated through the infusion of Paisley and Vicolo Fiori, which fills the heart with a sense of positivity and vitality.

Greenery Mood: a powerful force which, according to alchemists, was the very essence of all transformations.

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