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Nomadic Spirit

A festival of emotions, suspended between the earth and the sky

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Just as life is ever-changing, a perfume is never the same to each wearer. Etro’s twenty- eight unique perfumes ask us to play the fascinating game of métissage and can be mixed and match accordingly, in large part due to their natural base. Strategic parings bring about new suggestions, emphasising each delicate nuances. It is with this combination of two fragrances that the scent changes shape, morphing into something entirely new; varied essence with each subtle shift, a Metamorfosis of sorts.

Nomadic Spirit: Nomadic and nostalgic, like a poem telling of epic races towards horizons yet to be explored.

Nomadic and shimmering, androgynous and incredibly modern, to experience together - she and he - the cocktail of Man Rose and Rajasthan gradually enveloping the mind and heart like a soft cashmere shawl on a cold winter night. The noble pink Damask rose of Man Rose, which grows with its hypnotic energy in this garden of the senses, blossoms in fireworks of scent including resin and leather, refined with a silky note of geranium. The second of the two jus to vaporise, Rajasthan, creates a warm yet soft sensation that caresses the skin with its impalpable texture that is both velvety corolla like talcum and sweet like honey: the effect is that of flowery scents that suddenly swirl in the clear air of a sunny day of snow and sun, immediately lighting up the heart with the desire for spring.

Just close your eyes and let your thoughts glow: the horizon of the soul widens and shines with a thousand reverberations of happiness.

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