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Eden lost, and finally rediscovered

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Etro’s fragrances, which are nomadic and cosmopolitan in nature, ask for a melding of scents in the form of Metamorfosi. Each metamorfosi plays the fascinating game of métissage, something that has always been in the house’s very DNA. As the 28 unique fragrances that comprise Etro’s collection today are combined in pairs of two, the individual characteristics of each perfume are taken into account, thus bring new scent suggestions to life, resulting in virtually infinite nuances.

Universal Light: It has the aroma of a barefoot amble through the trees of a lost Eden. An Eden finally rediscovered.

Like a cloud, like a sunrise, like a feeling yet to be experienced. The combined aroma of Patchouly and Heliotrope – in that precise order – recalls the awakening of a falling star that, penetrating the atmosphere, is bathed in cosmic dust and tinged with the nuances of the dawn. Luminous and enveloping, reminiscent of leaves, resins and sweet flowers, it arises from the fusion of the primordial fire of the Earth with the white of the Sky, and the colour of the Big Bang that encompasses all of the world’s tonalities.

With the power of a magic filter that banishes all stress, it is an amplifier of personality that nurtures calms and whispers of the will to live.

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