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Metamorfosi: Yellow Maharaja

An explosion of energy

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Etro’s fragrances, which are born both nomadic and cosmopolitan with a natural desire for change, or metamorphosis, ask us to play the fascinating game of métissage, a practice woven into the very DNA of the maison. The 28 unique perfumes that comprise Etro’s collection of fragrances today can be mixed and match accordingly, in large part due to their natural base. When paired strategically, each of the two fragrances continue to exude their individual characteristics, thus bring new suggestions to life, with virtually infinite nuances. The harmonies are new and spur the imagination and are always one of a kind.

Yellow Maharaja: This freshly squeezed citrus invigorated by a glimpse of the sea hides within it the secret of a happiness both great and small.

Translated into perfume, the pairing of the freshness of Lemon Sorbet and the thrilling essence of Rajasthan encloses, in a new texture of scent, mystical memories of the East, and glimpses of a brilliant seascape. It is the best companion to embark on a new journey with energy and vitality. A nuance vibrating like a dancer in a whirling pirouette, the essence of Maharaja yellow dissipates excessive listlessness, sharpens the mind, gives courage, and spurs one to action.

Heed to the call of the luminous ideas that welcome the sweet light of summer, it is the golden hue of optimism and positivity.

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