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Independence is the key word that comes to mind when talking about Solange Knowles. Her elusive, captivating personality has transformed her in to a contemporary muse who, despite her well known surname, prefers to express herself in a more sophisticated and quirky way. Singer, creative director and founder of her own alternative record label, Solange uses a contemporary mix of contrasting references throughout her work. In style and music, the artist interprets completely different inspirations and paths: a lifestyle that instantly connects her with different eras and faraway lands, taking her followers on an exquisite and modern journey.

With a nod to the iconic elegance of Diana Ross and Syreeta Wright and her eyes fixed firmly on the future, Solange Knowles creates her own personal statement of New Tradition, thanks also to the innovative trends of various subcultures. Sartorial style meets urban chic. Africa, America and the Caribbean interweave to create new, sophisticated ethnic tradition that leave a lasting impression, from the red carpet to her everyday wardrobe.

This eclectic and free spirit symbolises the harmony between the artist and Etro’s delicate Paisley motifs. In the same way, Solange puts her own original spin on everything she touches, in the most personal and spontaneous of ways.