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Spencer Dryden, The Marmalade, John Lennon

The rock scene exploded in the Sixties with an explosion of evolving Paisley prints. It became the symbol of a lifestyle based on freedom of expression, making a personal style statement by transcending the boundaries of time.

It all began with the Summer of Love in San Francisco as Jefferson Airplane became the catalyst for the Paisley revolution.

Drummer Spencer Dryden held the beat in the name of colour, opening a new world of pattern and liberation to a culture driven by austerity. Across the ocean, the same transformation was taking place in British Rock. The classic good guys climbed the charts with a new mix of tradition and modernity, becoming the face of a new way of thinking. Long hair, Indian tunics and natural motifs became the hallmark of this new pop expression across the nation. From The Marmalade in Scotland to the Fab Four in Liverpool, culminating in the most iconic figure of the movement, John Lennon. The Beatles’ lead singer and songwriter developed vibrant lyrics and melodies with delicate nuances, changing the course of pop culture with an unmistakably striking style. Just like Etro’s Paisley motif, exploring a contemporary age infused with imagination and boundless creativity.