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A journey of cultural discovery, uncovering the artistic heritage within Etro boutiques around the world. Explore the virtual art gallery, featuring international works that span across history.

etro Reclining Woman-John Collier

Reclining Woman

John Collier

A contemporary take on the pre-raphaelite style, this reclining figure is brought to life in a Victorian ambience. The Oriental screen in the background hints at luxury travel and an exotic fusion within everyday life.

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etro Portrait of Dennis Cohen-Glyn Warren  Philpot

Portrait of Dennis Cohen

Glyn Warren Philpot

Elegant and refined, this solemn portrait details a pensive and reflective figure. A range of delicate brush strokes add a controlled depth, playing with a balance of light and dark.

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etro The Artist's Wife-Sir Herbert James Gunn

The Artist's Wife

Sir Herbert James Gunn

A pensive portrait bearing a subtle French influence. The simplistic pose offers an innocent quality to the painting, contrasting with the woman's knowing expression.

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etro Portrait of Miss Joy Lyon-Leonard Campbell Taylor

Portrait of Miss Joy Lyon

Leonard Campbell Taylor

Structured with an even coverage of colour, the artist adds a vintage twist to a classic portrait, focusing on even the smallest of details.

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etro Portrait of a woman-Anonymous

Portrait of a woman


Contemporary and emotive, this side facing portrait was a striking artistic statement at the turn of the 20th century. Colours and textures mix with ease, showing the beauty in imperfect features.

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Le Portrait de Dorian Gray

Jacques-Émile Blanche

Inspired by Oscar Wilde's literary figure, this portrait encompasses movement and the evolution of the character.

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etro Portrait presume de la Comtesse Barbara Dessailles-Giuseppe Amisani

Portrait presume de la Comtesse Barbara Dessailles

Giuseppe Amisani

Ethereal and serene, this painting truly captures a moment in time. Swathes of fabric and contemporary mark making strike a contrast against the beautifully coiffeured hair of the figure.

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etro Portrait of woman-Anonymous

Portrait of woman


The artist captures a reflective moment in time, incorporating movement and playing with the balance between light and shade.

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etro Portrait of Benjamin Robert Chetyn Talbot-Emile Antoine Verpilleux

Portrait of Benjamin Robert Chetyn Talbot

Emile Antoine Verpilleux

Capturing the innocence and adventure of a young figure, the artist chooses a classic interpretation with a focus on the details.

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etro Interior with Flowers-Davis Ritcher

Interior with Flowers

Davis Ritcher

A realistic still life recreates the stillness and peace of an extravagant home, balancing perspective and shadows with ease.

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etro Woman in white dress-A. Couper

Woman in white dress

A. Couper

The ultimate statement of luxury: a muted colour balance and a cascading beam of light add an unexpected vintage twist.

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etro Portrait of Mrs. Dorothy Martin-Maurice Frederick Codner

Portrait of Mrs. Dorothy Martin

Maurice Frederick Codner

With a focus on detail, the artist recreates the opulence of a bygone era through fine brush strokes and muted hues.

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