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The circle of poets


A sense of belonging in contemporary Milan. Poetic gatherings, with ideas planted like trees, growing across every boundary. The curve of a line creates a circle, a centre, a new concept that has no beginning and no end. Every human is a circle, embodying humanity itself within. Thoughts resonate in unison from the centre to its circumference. The world within the circle spreads to meet other circles. Now. Close your eyes and tell us what you can see.


Are you a poet?

Share and participate a whole range of ideas with enthusiastic thinking that only freedom can bring. Let's widen the circle, the circle of poets.

Send us your work:painting, photography, sculpture, writing, music...all unified together within the arts.


I was born one morning twenty-four years ago. It was February, and as soon as I saw the light I cried out: «Lights and action!» I started acting before I even knew the difference between work and play. My passions soon became light and movement: with light I can think twenty-five times per second. And thought is movement, imagination is movement. Film is light and movement, but like time it’s an illusion; emotions are not, they change. The future made the present accessible, but now no one listens clearly anymore. Every turn provides something unexpected and speaking simply is so difficult! “Cinema is life with the boring parts cut out”; when playing with personal time, seconds become stills. A picture is worth a thousand words and making a bad movie is as easy as making a good one, but the result can change the person who sees it, illuminating their soul, feeding their imagination, the only creative instrument humans possess.


A cosmopolitan city, rich in contrasts and revolving around the frivolity of appearance, where each discipline is connected to art, must reinvent itself through innovation and the enthusiasm it elicits - without rejecting the past. My expression in the compositional field displays the irrepressible interplay between positive and negative, black and white, fullness and void to the point of challenging the observer’s perception of subjective harmony and the balance between space and lines.


A fourth generation professional in the field, I was lucky enough to grow up in my father’s and grandfather’s atelier frequented by artists and insiders.I walked among the artwork, absorbing everything I saw and heard like a sponge. Of course without my passion, truly a love for art, simply living in a world of art might not have been enough to make me decide to become an art dealer. It was precisely my love for art that led me to open a gallery focusing mainly on young people: discovering new talent, helping them grow with a relationship equal parts patron/critic/dealer. Growing together with them is my hope and life goal, along with trying to bring people to art; a world without art is inconceivable to me. I have a great admiration for artists who can create, paint, sketch and compose, perhaps because I cannot even hold a pencil in my hand. I transmit all this passion and energy to them, leaving this motivation at their service and thus to the service of art. Helping young artists to emerge, grow and leave their mark on this world, no matter how big or small, would be my personal and professional achievement.


The artistic imagination stems in part from our subconscious. The subconscious mind contains the flow of emotions thatoften poignant, are inadequate to express within established social limitations. In my artistic work, the concept is the most important aspect of a piece, the very idea that drives it. With the use of materials and multimedia objects based on time (time-based media), my projects are an emblem of experience, perspectives and personal reflections. They are presented in installation art, after making specific decisions in term of communication and their relationship with the public.


I know I’m curious and my curiosity has, since childhood, driven me to understand how we find our place in the world and among our peers.My academic studies led me to observe and understand both the design process of products, which have always fascinated me, and, secondly, the field of services, the focal point of the revolution we are experiencing. Today, in fact, the most innovative technologies push us toward an ever more limited niche in a way that seems “alienating”. We seem to be losing out on facets of life that should not only be rediscovered, but deserve the investment of thought and concrete action with appropriate methods and organisation. Not only in terms of a cultural re-evaluation of the world of creativity at a global scale, including the so-called “minor” arts, but also in terms of refining technicalities in planning and communications, capable of generating specific skills and capacities for innovation and entrepreneurship.


The tattoo was used by many cultures, both ancient and modern, accompanying humanityfor much of its existence. Depending on the areas where it originates, it could represent a kind of identity card for the individual or even a rite of passage. Unfortunately nowadays, everything is by the book, everything is easy, certain values are missing or lost behind people’s desire to keep up a certain appearance: most people get tattoos to follow what’s “trendy” or to copy someone else, and that’s very sad. The beauty of my work is not only in granting the client’s request, but in assuming the role of a friend, confidant, “psychologist”. I cannot put into words the satisfaction I feel after making a tattoo, the client/friend looking at me with a smile and tears of joy, hugging me! I have the honour of creating something permanent on someone else’s body, which will accompany them for the rest of their lives.


Creative process: I try to express myself through works of art that could even take the form of a swimsuit, but I’m not an artist. I’m one who likes beautiful things - not just new or expensive ones - but rather charmeuse and shabby chic. As for perfection, no artist has ever reached it, so you can never praise one artist more than another. Maybe Mother Nature.


The way of the arts, or sciences, is the most profound, long and concrete method of capturing reality,to a degree of complexity far beyond our sense. It’s up to the person who takes this road to witness and promote the experience for someone who still has no thirst or method of observing. Images have the strongest presence in the human mind, and it is through them that I try to underline and express the meaning of everything… of the unity that surrounds us - all in the hopes of bestowing on my audience that often-observed and sought-after sensation. What impresses me most, ever since I can remember, is self-expression through a physical medium, a tangible articulation of memories, acquired experiences and ideas.


Ideas, method and reflections of a young architect. Change always comes in a cyclical manner, never directly but through the people who manage to seize it and evolve, attracting the rest of humankind to them.There are people capable of understanding, at a given historical moment, the most positive and most negative aspects of what surrounds them. By taking advantage of the opportunities presented in each circumstance, they transform their context for the better. Architecture is one example, perhaps the most obvious, since though we can indirectly evade other art forms, this one we can’t avoid; it’s all around us and its changes, its geometry, are the most obvious manifestations of the will of individuals to transform our surroundings.


Creation and creativity do not exist. Only conceit and ignorance might lead you to believe you can “create”.“Someone who makes something from nothing”, the creative, is a ridiculous concept. “Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”. We are manipulators of matter. Knowledge has never been as available as it is today; it is therefore time to evolve, to overcome the past, to leave the dark ages. This is what inspires me, having an expansive knowledge of reality, if it can be defined that way. The fortune to have so much knowledge at one’s fingertips and not exploit it: this is a cowardly travesty. I fight with myself every day to keep my curiosity alive, but it isn’t easy... “Sapere aude!”, dare to know. Today there is much tension lingering in the air. We are driven to be like someone else, never knowing fully who that someone really is or the value in every activity. We are inundated by this seemingly constant acceleration of time, by this psychosis of overproduction and competition. Well, I believe that the human condition is not static, that everyone can seize the reins of dynamism and be themselves, be free. This is the greatest gift, the greatest teaching that music gives us, freedom. Enjoy the freedom, cradle your soul.


If there is one word I like it is “cogliere” [to gather, seize, understand], having much to do with the craft of the writer, regardless of whether they use ink or light for writing their perceptions.From “cogliere” derives the word “coglitura” [gathering, picking, plucking] clearly related to “culture”, from the Latin colere: cultivate, tender with careful attention. To me, translating a specific instant on film means knowing how to carefully wait the patience of a farmer, who knows when to harvest fruit at its peak in ripeness. Only then can the fruit be given to the community in order to scatter its seeds. Likewise, culture is a space without boundaries, a living area in which to grow, with an identity formed by those able to grasp the essential features of their present time. Only then can change be achieved, can we say that culture has been made. Cultivating and disseminating are the focal points of my work.