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Metamorfosi: Summer Symphony

The enchantment of the rising sun

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The 28 unique fragrances that comprise Etro’s collection are combined with one another – two at a time – celebrating their individual characteristics while bring to life new metamorfosi, with virtually infinite nuances. The natural, raw materials Etro’s perfumes are made from also have the property of changing based on the skin they come into contact with. This creates, each and every instance, an entirely unique symphony of scent, playing a score that can be romantic or sensual, languid or exuberant, cool or warm in a soft embrace.

Summer symphony: The day gallops across the line of the horizon, as iridescent as an aurora borealis.

Fluid and elusive, for men and women, the cocktail of Vicolo Fiori and Shantung mixes East and West, the magic of travel and the wish to return home, amidst the tenderness and memories of freshly cut grass and ripe fruit kissed by the first rays of the sun. With the Vicolo Fiori base, it is enough to spray a zephyr with Shantung and all the nomadic energy within will be released on contact with the skin.

Passing through the scented cloud, allowing the intangible essence of plant life envelop the body like a magic invisible cloak... A cloak that bestows luminous happiness upon the soul.

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