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Country: Italia
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Organic structures meet vintage fragments in a vibrant mix of collage, sculpture and ceramics.


Taking inspiration from imaginary journeys, Alessandro Roma creates colourful collages and sculptures that are rich in pattern and texture. Kaleidoscopic fragments draw together contrasting artistic elements, from ceramics to retro architecture. Enamelled forms depict Roma’s organically romantic view of nature, embellished with organza fabrics and strong brushstrokes. Striking, contrasting patterns manifest an almost psychedelic mood. Playing with perspectives, he interweaves deconstructed motifs with displaced philosophical concepts, further enhanced by the thought-provoking titles that he chooses. Through a combination of layering and unorthodox combinations, the artist brings soul and passion to each component. Exploration is encouraged as we discover the unknown, uncovering lost memories and dormant ideas. New life emerges within each piece, playing with different dimensions and levels of transparency, revealing hidden depths and minute detailing. Born in Milan in 1977, Roma studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti and a Künstlerhäuser Worpswede residence, he presented his first personal exhibition in 2004. He was also awarded an artistic prize Diputación de Castellón at the Castellón Fine Art Museum in 2007. Photography by Emiliano Bondelli.