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Etro Boutique


Right in the heart of London’s luxury retail, Etro inaugurated its new boutique in August 2011. The Nineteenth-century building at 43 Old Bond Street maintains the original architectonic and decorative features of the period, where coffered ceilings with gold details and fireplaces embellished with delicate inlay work create a prestigious setting for Etro collections. The main space plays host to the Women’s collection, in refined premises that are framed by large windows overlooking the Erme galleries. The garments are displayed in elegant gold and silver metal structures whilst the background walls are covered with burgundy, green and purple velvets. A mahogany staircase with an inlaid banister set with brass panels leads up to the second floor and the area occupied by the private gallery, whilst the stunning setting of the basement level finds the Men’s collection. The bronze sculptures and darker shades emphasise the masculine character of the premises. The materials are strong and striking: lacquered walls, wood and silver are used for the structures that house the garments. The premises are designed in such a way as to be a unique one-off throughout, decorated with works of art and sculptures that respect its past as an art gallery, in a tribute to the innate passion of the Etro family for art and culture.


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