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Ethereal and free, Florence Welch has emerged over recent years as a true English rose. Taking vintage elements and flowing fabrics, she effortlessly combines intricate and contemporary prints in a fascinating juxtaposition of space and time. The euphoric, emotional journey that emerges from her lyrics directly translates in to a stylistic sense of escapism.

Born and raised in Camberwell, Florence quickly changed perceptions within the music industry with her bohemian style and dulcet tones. She spent her childhood listening to diverse vinyl records from the Rolling Stones and Nina Simone, immersing herself in modern art and the capital’s party scene. This eclectic mix allowed her to find her true voice: a romantically unique sound that has received international acclaim.

Favouring true style and expression over fleeting trends, her approach mirrors that of Etro.

She finds beauty in nature and freedom, encountering juxtaposing themes that will endure the test of time.

Her pride in cultural heritage filters across her being, appreciating and creating art at every opportunity. Defying the stereotypes of celebrity style, Florence has renewed delicate floral prints for a new generation with grace and elegance.