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The Circle of Poets:

Matteo Davanzo

Etro speaks with Matteo Davanzo of #TheCircleOfPoets

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Name: Matteo Davanzo
Born in: Milan, Italy
Based in: Milan, Italy

Etro is…
Fantasy and tradition... it is the history of both fashion that of Milan. When I think of Etro I think of a world of astonishing colours, fabrics and Paisley that break severity giving way to travelling with one’s mind.

Etro is Play… which elements do you like to play with in the creation of your works?
I like to play with light. Light that vibrates surfaces, light that is reflected or absorbed differently from every material and every curve. Light, that with its spectrum, creates colours, and that with its absence, contrasts.
Etro is Colour… if you could be any colour, which would you be and why?
I’ve coined a name for my colour! I couldn’t find a unique name for the range of colour that mixes green and blue found on the seaside so I called it Teo Green. Some call it octane, others teal, but they aren’t exactly what I mean. Do you know where the sunlight crosses the sea, making it shine, and then reaches the rocks? There! There you find Teo Green!

Etro is Travel… if you were to travel to any place real or imagined place in the world to spark new ideas for your art, where would you go?
I love travelling. Even before the destination, I like to enjoy the path that leads there. If I were to leave tomorrow I would go to a Caribbean island to enjoy the colours and discover the peoples. I would also like to visit the African bush to photograph antelopes being hunted by a big feline. I would also like to visit a metropolis to get to know its vibration.

Etro is Nature… if you could be any animal, which would you be and why?
I'm an animal ... a human being, of course. We are the living creatures with the most extreme liberties: if we want to fly we have so many ways to do so, if we want to swim or wander in the depths of the seas we can... who could want for anything more?