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Behind Man Collection

Behind Man Collection


The threads and tones of Oriental carpets embody the dandy’s journey. The collection evokes timeless cultures and traditions.


Patchwork becomes an artistic discipline of expressivity through the calibrated fusion of different Read More fabrics that shapes the winter wardrobe. Born as a technique for recycling materials, it becomes a sartorial technique in the making of the shirts, jackets and parkas turned into artistic design objects.

Dandy Detour

The new dandy conveys elegance and masculine sensuality, everything around him is imbued with Read More his charm and culture. Fully aware of his extraordinary life, he represents everything that is poetically and artistically elevated. His home is everywhere and his living room is the centre of the world: he has a ticket to freedom and intends to use it.

New Bohemian

The New Bohemian, with his unique aesthetic that pays tribute to Rockabilly style. He embodies a free and subversive, yet refined spirit. Read More He collects experiences while savoring the poetry of the journey: a nomadic reality inspired by his desire to live presently and fully.

New Bohemian Traveller

For freewheeling travellers, dreamers and nonconformists, art is not simply a trade but a religion. The memory of the journey echoes across retro-inspired prints: stamps and banknotes, automobiles Read More and geographical maps are approached in a manual and nonchalant manner. As if pulled from the sketches of a travel journal, they convey the magical and instantaneousness quality of a memory.