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Men's Sunglasses

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Elegance and modernity accentuate the ETRO sunglasses collection for men. Choose the aviator model, rectangular and round, matching it with your formal or sporty looks.

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Explore the combination of elegance and modernity with ETRO’s new sunglasses collection for men. From rectangular and round aviator models, the refined selection offers styles for every occasion to personalise your formal or sporty looks. Get captivated by ETRO’s distinct craftsmanship with the lasered Paisley workmanship and add a unique touch to the sunglasses. The colour differences add further depth and versatility to the collection allowing you to choose from a variety of colours that adapt to your personal style. Choosing ETRO sunglasses means embracing not just a distinctive style but also commitment to quality. Each pair is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring durability and the greatest protection for your eyes. To complete your look, experiment combining ETRO sunglasses with your favourite outfits.