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Designed with love and care, explore the charm of our exclusive baby collection. Immerse yourself in the magical universe of our products dedicated to newborns and give your daughter the captivating elegance she will always adore.

€ 150,00

1 colour

€ 188,00

1 colour

€ 163,00

1 colour

€ 125,00

1 colour

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Designed with love and care, explore the elegance of our exclusive baby collection. Our refined selection includes dresses, soft blankets and irresistible accessories, perfect for welcoming your little one with style and charm. Immerse yourself in the world of Paisley details and Pegaso embroidery. A blend of style and functionality, our baby girl collection is designed to celebrate the special moments of the family. Discover the timeless beauty of our products, every piece is a true work of art.