Paisley, the sinuous frond of cashmere design from which the Etro tradition blossoms, is an ancient decoration, rich in history and meanings. The design migrated from East to West, from Indian prints to Celtic embroideries. Etro has explored and reinterpreted the classic vegetable motif through experimentation and technology. Arnica is the Paisley design that Etro has chosen as an icon of its style.

For decades Gimmo Etro has been collecting rare antique scarves and shawls, fascinated by their precious workmanship, impeccable details and singular patterns. The remarkable quality and designs of this private antique collection inspired a new design icon for the brand: the Etro Paisley. The rich design comprised of red, turquoise, yellow, olive green and ivory, was created as the signature design for the collection and became a House-icon, which immediately conjured the unique, luxury world of Etro.
Gimmo Etro began researching new techniques for treating this Paisley jacquard fabric, in order to give it a special pvc resinated coating. A prestigious, high quality fabric had morphed into a highly durable, yet lightweight and user-friendly material. It was the modern answer to leather.
The handles and trim on the bags are crafted from the highest quality natural leather and are all hand stitched. Entirely hand-assembled in Italy, each handbag comes numbered on an inside leather label and features beautiful gold metal hardware. The Paisley handbag line, which includes over 150 different styles updated each season, represents the very best of Etro’s Italian craftsmanship. Since its debut over 25 years ago, the Etro Paisley has become a house signature reflecting the company’s repute for quality, functionality and innovation.