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ETRO Nowhere: Out of time, in another space

The new ETRO SS24 advertising campaign stems from an encounter between imagination and Artificial Intelligence. The inspiration behind the SS24 collection takes the idea of the Nowhere to a higher level of expression, a place of imagination only. Creative Director Marco De Vincenzo converses with the digital artist and prompt designer Silvia Badalotti to create a series of scenes and paintings.

Digital artist Silvia Badalotti used AI as a tool to reproduce her and Marco De Vincenzo’s creative input.

Just like a painting, but the brushes and colours are replaced with pixels and on-screen visuals. Scenarios are invented, just as bodies: physical and spatial utopias, beyond biology and beyond logic. The energy that they are born from and pervades them is human.

The basic principle is the same as that of fashion, an activity through which each body determines a new mantle for itself: the combinations of elements are virtually infinite. Starry skies and astral maps become closed environments, while architectures develop never seen before composite styles. Indescribable vegetation grows in the greenhouses and all the scenes are populated by a humanity that is both familiar and alien which portrays the short and extraordinary narrative of infinite genetic possibilities.


ETRO Launches First Eyewear Collection Campaign

ETRO and Safilo Group, launch ETRO first eyewear collection advertising campaign as part of the latest campaign “Out of time, in another space”. The collection, which features a variety of both optical and sunglass frames, embodies ETRO’s unique and unexpected aesthetic, translating a story of excellence into a modern tale.